10 Mar 2007

Life goes on

I have been back in hospital for a few days, after a few complications. Home now, and incredibly tired, which is apparently related to the iron levels in my blood. I had another blood test on Thursday (BIG bruise), and have an appointment on Monday to discuss these results with my doctor.

Yesterday we held the funeral for my sweet Nalani. Dh and I were the only mourners at the funeral. We have decided to plant a tree in Nalani's memory, and took it along to the funeral. The priest blessed the tree for us (which my mind thought was stupid and my heart loved.) It is a Wollemi pine, and the nursery gave a fossil showing the Wollemi pine leaves. Incredibly special, and I will try and photograph it in daylight.

My Mum has been staying with us for the last five days, and will be returning to England tomorrow. I have been crafting madly, so she can take my crafty gifts with her. I have completed the body of a cardigan for my 2 year old nephew. The sleeves still need to be knitted, but I will save heaps on postage, and best of all, Mum will sew the cardigan pieces together!

In the past 2 days Mum helped me sew a quilt for my impending niece/nephew (due in a few weeks time). It's a glorious explosion of colour, and here's a sneak peek (don't look Monica)

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