11 Mar 2007

Bananas in the Park

We spent this afternoon watching the Bananas in Pyjamas perform live at the Canberra Birthday Celebrations. I also managed to hear a blast from my past - The Choirboys performing "Run to Paradise". This song was big in my time at University, and I would have loved to hear them then. Unfortunately, my Uni was deep in the country, and unlikely to attract any bands with a success behind them.

The kids had a great time seeing some of their favourite TV characters, and even danced along with some enthusiasm;

Lunar Jim and Angelina Ballerina also made brief appearances. (Lunar Jim often makes brief appearances at home on DS's underpants!)
I did very little else today, reserving my energy for this outing. I'm glad, as I'm now exhausted.
Tomorrow is a big day - we're going to playgroup. This is a big deal for me - I tend to be shy with groups of people. Fortunately (or otherwise) my sister-in-law is running the show.

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