14 Mar 2007

Autumn has arrrived

It's getting cooler in Canberra - the nights are chilling down, and we need doonas again. Lucas has been sleeping in winter pyjamas, but that's because he's not real good at keeping the covers on.

In preparation for the cooler weather, I'm evaluating the kids wardrobes. In the last year my browsing the shops has decreased incredibly - I've been trying to spend less, and of course the kids don't enjoy bargain hunting. This has implications however - I haven't bought any clothes for the next seasons. We'll be shopping in the next week or so - jeans, jumpers, long sleeve tops for both kids.

Also in preparation for the cooler weather, I'm knitting Clapotis, a scarf/wrap from Knitty. I'm enjoying knitting with my late grandmother's tortoiseshell needles.

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