25 Mar 2007

"Am I Four yet, Mummy?"

"Yes, Lucas, you are."

"But Annabelle says I'm not 4 till I've blown out the candles."

Who can argue with that?

We celebrated the birthday thoroughly; We visited the National Museum in the morning, where Lucas was delighted to see a Diprotodon skeleton (well, it was a cast of bones, but that's close enough when you're 4) and an emu made of barbed wire. We then went into the city to meet DH for lunch, which we had at a pancakes restaurant. Home again, to make cupcakes, which we then decorated to look like spiders. My sister visited with her twins, and my SIL came around too with her kids (same ages as Lucas and Annabelle.) Then DH's parents came around for dinner, which was pizza assembled by the kids. After the kids were in bed we played cards.

We're also had a family barbeque for his birthday on Saturday.

Presents - we gave Lucas a bike, DH's parents gave him a helmet, Annabelle gave him a book, and he got craft activities from everyone else.

Here's the cake;
and the birthday boy himself.

Four years ago, we stayed in the hospital 10 days after Lucas was born, since he was 6 weeks early and had a few minor issues. During this time, I voted in a NSW state election, and Australia was forging ahead in the Cricket World Cup. Both of these things happened again this weekend.

There has been some crafting action here, photos maybe next time.

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