12 Feb 2007

Oops, I did it again...

Have a blogging break, that is. Of course I have an excuse - we moved. It seemed to take ages, and enormous amounts of energy, and we still have stray boxes all over the house.
A quick summary;

I haven't yet found the camera cable, so no pictures today.

My Mum has gone to England, to help my sister with her 2 year old son and impending birth.

I've had lots of hugs from my twin nephews. They're six months old now, and just delightful.

We went to a community fair with DH's parents, sister, her Dh and kids, and ran into my sister, her DH and their babies there - love being part of a community.

I've been enjoying hot days and cool nights. It's a fabulous combination, and pretty much unknown in Sydney.

And finally, I've been referred to the hospital obstetrician, and I have grave fears for what we will be told after further tests this week.

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