18 Feb 2007


I am in limbo.

Last week, I had various ultrasounds, and sample of my placenta taken. Tests are being performed on the samples.

We have been told some findings from the ultrasounds, but mostly we are waiting.

Things don't look good, but we are still waiting for definitive answers.


12 Feb 2007

Oops, I did it again...

Have a blogging break, that is. Of course I have an excuse - we moved. It seemed to take ages, and enormous amounts of energy, and we still have stray boxes all over the house.
A quick summary;

I haven't yet found the camera cable, so no pictures today.

My Mum has gone to England, to help my sister with her 2 year old son and impending birth.

I've had lots of hugs from my twin nephews. They're six months old now, and just delightful.

We went to a community fair with DH's parents, sister, her Dh and kids, and ran into my sister, her DH and their babies there - love being part of a community.

I've been enjoying hot days and cool nights. It's a fabulous combination, and pretty much unknown in Sydney.

And finally, I've been referred to the hospital obstetrician, and I have grave fears for what we will be told after further tests this week.