5 Jan 2007

New Year, new beginnings?

I'm not quite sure when I last blogged, but I know it wasn't recently.

The week before Christmas I learned that my friend Kim was in trouble. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer 2 1/2 years ago. This was believed to be in remission, until May 2006 when cancer was again found in various places in her body. Again, treatment was going fairly well, until she collapsed mid sentence. The doctors concluded the cancer had reached her brain, and she had a very short time left to live.

I went to visit two days after this collapse, stayed two hours, and Kim didn't recognise me, and couldn't speak. We've been friends for 20 years now, and were witnesses at each others weddings. The next day I visited again, Kim's husband had taken her home. Again, I stayed around 2 hours, without recognition until the last 10 minutes, when her eyes drifted over me, and stayed. I talked and talked, mainly about gifts I had sewn for her 4 year old daughter's Christmas present, and how nice it was to catch up again. Kim squeezed my hand and cried.

On December 27 Kim passed away.

The funeral was on January 2, and it has been a very hard time for everyone.

We've been staying with my parents, and DH was still on his Christmas holidays, both of which facts were a comfort. However, now we're home again, and I'm feeling worse than ever.

Another comfort is the fact that I'm pregnant. Come June, we'll have another small person joining us.


Kylie said...

Leah i'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sitting here crying reading your post. Cancer is such so cruel i lost my Dad to cancer last july and i am still having troble coming to terms with it. I am glad you have your DH by your side it really does make a difference. Take care of yourself. Hugs Kylie

Anita said...

Sending you a very big hug.

Leah said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts :)

Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max. said...

Leah, hi I've just stumbled across your blog through a great stream of blog links. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend Kim. I hope you can hold many happy memories of her in your heart.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope it's happy and healthy for you.

wishing you peace and calm. kath