15 Jan 2007

100 posts!

In just over a year of blogging, this will be my 100th entry. What an occasion - I think I'll celebrate with a Cookies and Cream Heaven bar. I'm not usually that passionate about icecream, but we have to empty the freezer for our impending move anyway.

There has been no craft happening here for a while, and very little active parenting. Of course I'm not letting total decay set in, but I'm more inclined to start the kids off on an activity and sit back and watch the results. This may be a better way for them to play/learn anyway - I'll have to think about it.

By now, I'm supposed to have the house and cupboards in order ready for strangers to pack up all our belongings. As if that has happened. There are still things everywhere, although I'm trying to apply logic. I've also given away a few things on Freecycle, which makes me feel good.

I was determined to hire cleaners for our end of lease cleaning, but the $300 bill has made me rethink that aim. So as well as sorting, I'm supposed to be cleaning. And DH will be still working while our house is being packed, so I'm supposed to be in charge of that too. And he will still be working while our belongings are loaded and unloaded, so yep, I'm in charge of that too. Have I mentioned I HATE dealing with strangers? And it's supposed to be 37 degrees Celcius on moving day. Sigh.

I don't think this is what a century post is supposed to be, but it's what is going on in my mind at the moment. Maybe I'll be insightful, caring and creative in my 101st post...

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Kylie said...

By the sound of things you won't be getting any knitting done any time soon:(