9 Dec 2006

Christmas cravings

This year, we'll be going up the coast to my sister-in-law's for Christmas. DH's parents, and his other sister and her family will also be there - this is their complete immediate family. I'm not over the moon about it, but it will still be Christmas.

We have to go, because next year my English sister will be home for Christmas, with her Dh, son and new baby (expected to arrive in a couple of months time.) We will be spending our time with MY family then. I can't wait.

Currently I want to be planning Christmas menus, I want to be writing lists, and devouring Christmas magazines, and cooking the odd test run. Cooking is part of my Christmas, and I'm missing out this year.

Of course, I could be spending time making mince pies and fruit cakes and meringues. But I'm the only one who eats them, so it's not a real good idea considering my current lack of control.

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