17 Dec 2006

Santa Claus is coming to town....

We found a 'take your own photo' Santa at one of the local shopping centres today. It didn't work real well, but I think this is the best we'll get this year;
There has been actual craft activity happening in the last two days, but I'm not finished yet, so no pictures - hopefully be back later tonight with an update!

12 Dec 2006

Bloglines hmmmm

Well, I've just realised that Bloglines has unsubscribed me from 4 blogs. And the thing is, I don't know which ones.

Some blogs haven't been updating as they've been written in (like mine), and Bloglines seem to have deleted these ones.

I had a night out last night, meeting up with some online friends. It's always strange meeting up with cyberfriends, and even more so when you've chosen a fairly strange screen name. For example, imagine introducing yourself - "Hi, I'm Bushpig*!" In my defence, I never expected to say it out loud.

It was nice being out in the city by myself. The meeting was held in The Rocks, which is the old, touristy part of Sydney. I haven't been there in at least 10 years, and it was charming and civilised.

We've been making paper chains today. Not real successful - the kids lack the dexterity to hold the chain closed while closing the link with a sticker. Still, they enjoyed it.

* Bushpig isn't my name, but it's not far off.

9 Dec 2006

Christmas cravings

This year, we'll be going up the coast to my sister-in-law's for Christmas. DH's parents, and his other sister and her family will also be there - this is their complete immediate family. I'm not over the moon about it, but it will still be Christmas.

We have to go, because next year my English sister will be home for Christmas, with her Dh, son and new baby (expected to arrive in a couple of months time.) We will be spending our time with MY family then. I can't wait.

Currently I want to be planning Christmas menus, I want to be writing lists, and devouring Christmas magazines, and cooking the odd test run. Cooking is part of my Christmas, and I'm missing out this year.

Of course, I could be spending time making mince pies and fruit cakes and meringues. But I'm the only one who eats them, so it's not a real good idea considering my current lack of control.

6 Dec 2006

Our Tree is up!

Advent has arrived

I've put the Advent calendar up. It contains a mixture of bird shaped balloons, jelly snakes and little notes. Today's note reads; Put the Christmas tree up. I guess we'll get to that soon. It's currently airing on the front verandah, as it smells a little damp after being in the so-called storage room (shonky rental house!)
We're still cocooning here at home. The weather has been mild, but the kids are reluctant to leave home. I am too, as I'm still feeling decidedly shaky. Convenient really, that the children want to just hang around the house.

3 Dec 2006

Bad mummy!

It's December 3, and I haven't got the Advent Calendar out. I also haven't thought about what to put in it yet - didn't realise till today that my kids will probably want to participate this year (duh!)

I guess that's tomorrow's project.

We had a nice visit down the coast - spent time with my folks, suffered in a heatwave, played at the beach, and visited my sick friend while she had a blood transfusion.

Oh, and I feel sick.