21 Nov 2006

feeling the heat...

It's been 38 degrees Celcius here today, and I'm feeling it. We hid inside all morning, with house shut up and the blinds down. Around 12.30 we ventured out to an airconditioned shopping centre where we spent three hours playing in Ikea and having lunch.
Worst of it is the forecast for tomorrow is more of the same, and I think I used up my stamina today.

Dh is away this week, which adds to my woes.
In good news, contracts have been exchanged on our new house, so that's going ahead on schedule.
We had a lovely weekend with my sister and her family visiting.

We all visited the new Wildlife Park in the city at Darling Harbour, and were pretty impressed. They have a nice rangeof native wildlife on display in exhibits open to the weather, but all the viewing areas is inside and airconditioned. Also have some fabulous play thing like these possum trees -

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