27 Nov 2006

Wild times

We've had a busy few days.

DH's birthday was an exciting day.

On Sunday, I went on a behind the scenes tour at Taronga Zoo. It was very exciting - being a metre away from a feeding lion, seeing a sun bear training to have it's teeth brushed, and hand feeding giraffes. While we were feeding the giraffes, a tooth fell out of the mouth of a giraffe. Astonishing - they have baby teeth too! We also learnt one of the giraffes on display is completely blind.

The other wild times have involved vomit, and ended with me spending more quality and quantity time in the laundry .

21 Nov 2006

feeling the heat...

It's been 38 degrees Celcius here today, and I'm feeling it. We hid inside all morning, with house shut up and the blinds down. Around 12.30 we ventured out to an airconditioned shopping centre where we spent three hours playing in Ikea and having lunch.
Worst of it is the forecast for tomorrow is more of the same, and I think I used up my stamina today.

Dh is away this week, which adds to my woes.
In good news, contracts have been exchanged on our new house, so that's going ahead on schedule.
We had a lovely weekend with my sister and her family visiting.

We all visited the new Wildlife Park in the city at Darling Harbour, and were pretty impressed. They have a nice rangeof native wildlife on display in exhibits open to the weather, but all the viewing areas is inside and airconditioned. Also have some fabulous play thing like these possum trees -

17 Nov 2006

Oh my!

DH just called with news that he has been officially offered a job in Canberra. Oh me, oh my.... it's actually happening.


I *think* we'll be exchanging contracts on our new home today. There's been a last minute crisis with the bank (of course) but I think it's sorted out now.

The plague seems to be abating, andI'm hoping we're well enough for my sister to visit, bringing her twins and husband this weekend. I probably should be making a cake or something, but I think we'll take it slow.

To finish off, a sign I saw about 100m from our new home
I guess it's still magpie nesting time in Canberra.

15 Nov 2006

Milk Arrowroot Heaven

Milk Arrowroots are a classic biscuit for babies and small children. My daughter was in heaven with the milk arrowroots this morning when I disturbed her, and put all the biscuits back in the container.
In other news, my nasty cold has returned. Once again, I'm feeling sorry for myself.

6 Nov 2006

Happy househunting everyone!

We found it... we found it... the perfect house... no more househunting... we found it...

I am so thankful.

Well, not quite perfect - no chook house!

More details next time, but right now I'm at my parents place, with their shaky dialup.

3 Nov 2006


The long awaited Asian elephants arrived at Taronga Zoo yesterday. They were on exhibit for the first time today, so we were there to see them. Unfortunately, it was raining, but it was still a special time.

The kids and I were next to the Channel Nine TV crew as they were filming their story - a minor brush with fame in the shape of Peter Harvey.

I didn't think the elephants looked settled at all - they were bunched tightly together, and moving fast, trunks searching the air. They went around the grassed area, over to the dirt pit, where they threw dirt over their backs, and then over to the swimming area, and then repeat. Apparently they had been repeating this all morning. However, it is early days yet, and I'm sure they'll feel more at home given time to adjust.

In worse news, I still feel shocking. This flu thing is really knocking me around. It's worse because my nose bleeds every time I blow it, which is pretty often. I'm also bone-tired, this zoo trip was the first time we've left the house since Monday.

Tomorrow, we're supposed to be going to Canberra again, this time staying overnight in my sister-in-law's house. All well and good, except her children (same ages as ours) don't go to bed till 9 or so, whereas mine are 7pm definites. Hope we do all right. Then on Sunday, we're going to stay with my parents. I'll probably stay the entire week - DH is away with work, and I could use a break. We'll go to the beach, and play outside lots.