3 Oct 2006

Useful links

Alyson at terribleknitknit has compiled a fabulous list of (mostly free) patterns for socks, lace and small amount of wool needed projects here.

On the topic of knitting, my weekend away involved a lot of knitting. I am really sick of double rib now - the whole baby jumper is double rib. It's actually a cardigan, with a crossover front, and is knit in one piece. I've done both one sleeve, the crossovers, and am moving towards the second sleeve. I'm keen to be finished, so I can start the next holiday project - Haiku , which is worked mainly in garter stitch. I'm also keen to start because the next project is to be knitted in a yarn made of wool and silk, which feels great. The current cardigan is a wool acrylic fuzzy blend.

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