7 Oct 2006

Sunny Saturday

It was a beautiful day in Sydney today. Just gorgeous. I started the day with a sleep-in, which in this phase of my life means 8am. I then got up to see DH 'cleaning' my desk. Basically just dumping my stuff on the floor. Well, it took me a while to work myself back to happy after that. After I let him know my feelings, that is.

We went shopping at a local outlet centre, since DH was after some new casual clothes. The kids did pretty well, at what is really a fairly boring place for them. Lunch we had gozleme, after watching some Turkish women kneading, constructing and cooking it on the barbeque. Delicious. The shopping centre is built next to a marina, and the kids enjoyed looking at the yachts. They also had a great time chasing away the seagulls.

This afternoon we lounged around the house and backyard, before going to the park.

Tonight, I spent some time with my sewing machine (fanfare please.) I made a new glasses case for my sunglasses, to keep in the car. It's not particularly exciting or pretty, but I saw the need, made a pattern, and solved the problem. And did it all with materials already on hand.

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