16 Oct 2006

Spring again

Well, it's Spring again today. Over the weekend, we definitely had Summer - 34 degrees C, hot winds, and over 200 bushfire burning.

It's a relief to have some cool. I think this might be a hot year.

We had a lovely visit with my parents - just hanging out together, and watching the kids swim in our blow up paddle pool. I also introduced them to Ikea - it's one of our favourite outings, and Mum and Dad were amazed. Mum instantly wanted to change every room in their house. We didn't actually buy anything, but did have to pay for parking for the first time, as we stayed a long time.

Saturday morning, my folks took our children to their home, and we drove to Canberra. We saw a lot of houses, and maybe even THE house. It's not perfect - single car garage instead of double, and the owners only bought it in January this year (which is a concern - we can ask why they're selling, but expect the agent would lie if it's something about the house.)

We then drove down the coast, to be in time for bath and bedtime with the kids. We'd driven around 600km that day, as well as viewing 21 houses, and were very tired indeed.

We're back home again now, reading the inspection reports for the house that might be ours, and I'm trying to decide if I really need to go out.... I'm thinking a home day might be nice.


capello said...

My roses are the opposite of yours... that hard frost did them in. I really should take a photo.

sooz said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the bird - seems my theory as to the escaped pet status might be right?