2 Oct 2006

real estate....

We've returned from a weekend spent in our nation's capital, spent looking at houses. I hate real estate agents. I hate open houses. I hate spending the day driving 200km!!! between open houses and getting a sunburnt arm because the car was too hot with the window up.

On the bright side, we have successfully decided where we want to live. I mean, which suburbs would suit us, not that we've found THE house. Well, actually we did find THE house, perfect in every way except budgetary. And by this I mean it's priced at twice our budget.

On the even brighter side, I got to cuddle my twin nephews. They are growing fast - one is up to 4kg, and the other can roll. They're delicious reminders of why babies are so special. Lucas and Annabelle spent the day with the twins (and their parents and my mum) while we cruised around town. They had a great time. Annabelle gave the babies about 5 million kisses, and was incredibly gentle (she is usually more fearless than gentle.)

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