10 Oct 2006

Random thoughts

We're taking things slow here at the puggle house at the moment. It's still school holidays, so our regular story time library visits are not happening. We're not going anywhere special, since school kids are everywhere. We also seem to be content to just stay at home.

Good news - my parents are coming for a visit! They'll be here Thursday morning, and I can't wait. Actually, thinking of their visit, I probably should check out my house, to make sure it's ready for a parental eye. It's much easier to pass this inspection nowadays, since the kids do a fine job of distraction. Not that it's that messy - the surfaces seem to be clearer nowadays. I'm an interested follower of FlyLady. I don't do everything she suggests, but the daily routines are habit now, so that's a win.

We'll also be looking for houses again this weekend. The house I was most interested in on our last trip is under offer, so that's off the possible list.

No pictures today - thanks to Blogger

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capello said...

bloody blogger.

but your parents visiting! that should be nice!