31 Oct 2006

My timezone is out

Daylight savings has started, and I'm taking it hard.

Probably because DH likes to leave for work at 7.10am. Which is actually 6.10am, and I do NOT wish to be alert and showered by that time every darn day.

I've also got the body aches and sore throat, so there might be a bit more to this tiredness than just the time change.

We spent the weekend in Canberra again, and I think this is adding to my tiredness. I hate looking at houses, and travelling 3 hours to get there does not enhance the experience.

In a first for this season, the cicadas have just started up.

I've also been spending some time over the last few days watching a new camera on Africam. So far I've seen some vervet monkeys, zebras, wildebeest and some baboons. Best of all, this camera has sound.

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capello said...

oy. daylight savings always throws me for a loop too. we just went back to standard time and it is *so* nice.