21 Oct 2006

I'm seeing fireworks...

out of my study window. It's freezing cold (well, a top of 18 degrees seems freezing after our hot weeks), so I don't know how much of a crowd will be watching. Eastwood was celebrating the Granny Smith Festival today - this is the place where Mrs Smith bred the first of her apples. I'll be celebrating with an apple pie a bit later.

Fireworks have lost their excitement for me. At the opening of the Sydney Olympics, the firworks set off grass fires. And a couple of years ago, the New Year's Eve fireworks came in the middle of a terrible bushfire crisis. Add to that the enormous cost for such a small time, and I really can't approve.

We've made no decisions on the house hunting front, although I think we're getting closer.

Today, I've offered up my first items (magazines) on Freecycle, and am happy to say they will be picked up tomorrow. I've also sold some old quilting magazines on a quilting list.

And lastly a photo of the children getting ready for bed. DS has taken to saying "SMILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" which means he's too busy talking to smile :)

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