18 Sep 2006


It's nice to be home.. back in sunny Sydney.

Our holiday was fun. Despite the rain - I didn't think it rained on the 'the sunshine coast'. Pity, because our beachfront accomodation was pretty much wasted - managed half an hour's trip to the beach early one morning before the day's rain started up. We had a good time at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. I had very mixed feelings about visiting the zoo, due to his recent demise. However, we went ahead. It was very strange being surrounded by the huge mound of flowers, toys and posters left by mourners. I can't imagine how this must feel for his poor family.

We all got to hand feed the Zoo's elephants, which was an absolute treat.

We moved down the coast to the Gold Coast after this, where we visited Currumbin Sanctuary, and Dreamworld. The day we visited Dreamworld was the day The Wiggles were performing to celebrate their 15th birthday, and the first birthday of Wiggles World. The world and their toddlers were there. I was reminded of when we visited Disney World on New Year's Eve 1999 - absolute chaos, and that was just in the carpark.

The children are still out of sorts - I think it was just too much action for them. Actually, I think it was too much for me too. This time away has helped me realise what I want from a holiday. I like to stay away from crowds, to spend time in quiet places. I like to lay around and chat, read and sew. I like to be in the bush.

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