3 Sep 2006

Happy Fathers Day!

We spent the weekend down the coast to celebrate with our fathers - DH, his father, my father, and my grandfather. Fortunately, we'd prepared a few (heavily glittered) cards in advance.

We all had lunch at a local Chinese restaurant on Saturday. It was a nice time. My grandfather particularly enjoyed himself, and lingered. In the past he's always had to rush home to my late grandmother.

Saturday afternoon, the kids, DH, my Dad and I spent some time in the garden. The Wollemi pine has settled into the garden. Mum and Dad are a little concerned it will grow and grow and grow and grow, but then realised they will probably move before it's a huge problem. Personally, I think they'll still be there when it fills the yard.

In the evening, DH and I went and played Bolivia with his parents. It’s been ages since we last played cards, and I miss it.

I’m currently trying to balance my life. My two main concerns (in complete opposition) are my hobby of comping, and my desire for a simpler, more frugal life.

I am fairly successful with my comping hobby, winning lots of useful prizes. The highlights of my comping career have been winning a week long holiday for 6, a laptop and several thousand dollars. This is all good. However, a lot of these competitions are based on purchases. I buy things we don't really need, just to enter. This leads to more junk in the house, and more unhealthy eating.

I read an article tonight about grocery shopping once a year, and I love the idea.

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