21 Sep 2006

Finished objects!

What a productive morning!

Yesterday afternoon,we spent some time out in the backyard painting.

This morning, we added crayon, glitter and stars, and laminated the art into placemats.

While getting the laminator out, I also found a nearly finished sock monkey. I started him last year just before we moved (which I think was in November.) 20 minutes later, he's finished, and Annabelle's in love. His face isn't right - more hippo/pig but we don't mind.


blair said...

oh, we have made fun placemats like that before, the kids just love them. And a newly completely sock monkey. Such a cutie, I love crossing old project off my list like that.

capello said...

the pink softie is cute!

and what's a puggle?

Leah said...


I'm tempted to dig ut some more UFO's - and heaven knows I've got plenty.

A puggle is a baby echidna - very small, soft and without any prickles. Creatures of pure instinct.

natalie said...

It's brilliant doing craft with kids especially if you're not afraid of glitter and glue in every nook and cranny!