26 Sep 2006


That's my theme song today.

We're going away this weekend, looking for a house to buy. Which is very exciting, however, it means DH is working long hours this week trying to take Friday off completely. Which means very long days at home, especially when my darling daughter wakes at 5.

So I'm grumpy. I recognise this, and am trying my favourite remedies. We've been shopping (DD crying the whole time), I've had two vanilla lattes, and I'm now listening to Swoon.

Not working. Sigh.

25 Sep 2006

Crafty Monday...

We've started the week on a crafty note. I'm an enthusiastic subscriber to Kids Craft Weekly, and this week's theme is "Underwater". We've started off by painting a box to act as 'The Sea' and have made crabs. They're all drying currently, and Lucas suggested we watch 'Finding Nemo' because 'we'll see the sea, Mummy.' Why not?!

While we were outside painting (we all always paint outside - it's a rented house), I heard rustling in the bushes. That slow rustle that is usually reptilian in nature. So I checked it out, and was delighted to see reptilian legs attached to this 30cm long body;
It's the back end of a Blue Tongue Lizard, a common garden inhabitant. What a relief.

21 Sep 2006

Finished objects!

What a productive morning!

Yesterday afternoon,we spent some time out in the backyard painting.

This morning, we added crayon, glitter and stars, and laminated the art into placemats.

While getting the laminator out, I also found a nearly finished sock monkey. I started him last year just before we moved (which I think was in November.) 20 minutes later, he's finished, and Annabelle's in love. His face isn't right - more hippo/pig but we don't mind.

20 Sep 2006

felting underway...

I've finished knitting my holiday project - the Black Sheep Company's Booga Bag. It's now in the washing machine, felting away. I followed the instructions - hot wash with 4-5 pairs of jeans.

It's only now that I'm thinking of possible effects on the jeans..... particularly since Dh and I only own one pair each.....

19 Sep 2006


While hanging out the washing on another glorious day, I noticed the mulberry tree is starting to fruit. The berries are red, and looking wonderful. So I got the camera, and when I moved closer found this;

So I ate it. Yum.

It's not actually our tree, but hangs over the fence from our neighbours.

This seems really early to be getting ripe fruit, but it's been a while since I lived with a mulberry tree, so who knows.

My thoughts are turning to pies, ice cream, scones, jam....

Pity the new diet has (nearly) started.

18 Sep 2006


It's nice to be home.. back in sunny Sydney.

Our holiday was fun. Despite the rain - I didn't think it rained on the 'the sunshine coast'. Pity, because our beachfront accomodation was pretty much wasted - managed half an hour's trip to the beach early one morning before the day's rain started up. We had a good time at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. I had very mixed feelings about visiting the zoo, due to his recent demise. However, we went ahead. It was very strange being surrounded by the huge mound of flowers, toys and posters left by mourners. I can't imagine how this must feel for his poor family.

We all got to hand feed the Zoo's elephants, which was an absolute treat.

We moved down the coast to the Gold Coast after this, where we visited Currumbin Sanctuary, and Dreamworld. The day we visited Dreamworld was the day The Wiggles were performing to celebrate their 15th birthday, and the first birthday of Wiggles World. The world and their toddlers were there. I was reminded of when we visited Disney World on New Year's Eve 1999 - absolute chaos, and that was just in the carpark.

The children are still out of sorts - I think it was just too much action for them. Actually, I think it was too much for me too. This time away has helped me realise what I want from a holiday. I like to stay away from crowds, to spend time in quiet places. I like to lay around and chat, read and sew. I like to be in the bush.

7 Sep 2006

Attack at McDonalds

It's shocking weather in Sydney - wild, windy, buckets of rain. Quite a shock after our balmy 27 degrees. We spent the morning at one of our local mega-shopping centres. We lunched at McDonalds (where I need to mention that I ate a chicken tandoori deli choices roll, and not a single french fry), and the children played while I knitted.

Annabelle came out sobbing very shortly afterwards, with an apologetic mother close behind. No wonder - look what her vampire child did to my darling girl

Drama aside, she's bruised but fine. At least the vampire was a very small child indeed - in fact surprising amount of teeth (which I can count on Annabelle's cheek) for his age.

6 Sep 2006

not tired, mummy.....

Nope, not tired at all. Lucas drifted off on the lounge while watching TV. This is his quiet time, while his sister is asleep having her nap.

Annabelle did not go to sleep, despite waking us all at 5.15 this morning.

Today I picked up our new memory card for the camera - I can now store 12oo images. Should be right for our holiday.

5 Sep 2006

Go forth and knit

I had my last knitting class last night. I feel great - I know how to do lots of things, and now can spend the time to use and practise what I have learnt. How empowering.

While this is wonderful, I am little concerned I have never felt this way after any other class. I am a teacher (of high school science/agricultural science). I doubt my students ever felt this way.

Maybe because knitting requires a small set of skills, and once you know them, just small technique variations gives all kinds of results.

I've got more thoughts on this, but can't currently organise them. I'll be back, but right now am going to follow Brenda's instructions, and go forth and knit!

3 Sep 2006

And I forgot to say

that it was 27 degrees Celcius here yesterday and today!!!

Spring's only just started.. think what can happens when we start to warm up!

Happy Fathers Day!

We spent the weekend down the coast to celebrate with our fathers - DH, his father, my father, and my grandfather. Fortunately, we'd prepared a few (heavily glittered) cards in advance.

We all had lunch at a local Chinese restaurant on Saturday. It was a nice time. My grandfather particularly enjoyed himself, and lingered. In the past he's always had to rush home to my late grandmother.

Saturday afternoon, the kids, DH, my Dad and I spent some time in the garden. The Wollemi pine has settled into the garden. Mum and Dad are a little concerned it will grow and grow and grow and grow, but then realised they will probably move before it's a huge problem. Personally, I think they'll still be there when it fills the yard.

In the evening, DH and I went and played Bolivia with his parents. It’s been ages since we last played cards, and I miss it.

I’m currently trying to balance my life. My two main concerns (in complete opposition) are my hobby of comping, and my desire for a simpler, more frugal life.

I am fairly successful with my comping hobby, winning lots of useful prizes. The highlights of my comping career have been winning a week long holiday for 6, a laptop and several thousand dollars. This is all good. However, a lot of these competitions are based on purchases. I buy things we don't really need, just to enter. This leads to more junk in the house, and more unhealthy eating.

I read an article tonight about grocery shopping once a year, and I love the idea.