26 Aug 2006


Wow, I feel good after being mentioned in another blog. No not for anything exciting, just following Brenda's simple instructions on how to personalise your blog banner. Thanks, Brenda :)

Unfortunately, anyone clicking through from her blog won't find much quilting around here. This is a longterm wholecloth quilt I have been working on for quite a while (in fact the quilt is stained from a rusty needle.)

It's only a cot size quilt, and I'm glad I didn't designate it to belong to either of my children(since they're both out of cots now.)

I started quilting soon after my wedding. I thought I could make a lovely quilt out of the dupion silks left over from my wedding dress, and that of my bridesmaids. Probably still could, but haven't.

As a result of this decade of quilting I have a large stash of fabric. One of my latest plans is to make plain shopping bags out of the 'what was I thinking' material. It's a good idea, and I can't wait to sew. Unfortunately, I'm without a sewing machine at present, so nothing will happen for a while.

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