7 Aug 2006

The twins have arrived!

Wonderful news, the twins have been born safely. Two adorable little boys - Jasper and Darwin!

They'll be staying in hospital for a while longer, but are doing well. They're both regulating their temperatures well, and are attempting to breast feed (although they are being given feeds through a nasal tube as well.)

I took the kids down to visit, and we had a nice time.

I got the quilts finished;

They're not exciting designs, but nice material, easy to look at, and with big chunky quilting. Perfect for a baby to vomit on.

The bad news; the budgie got sick. We took him to the vet, were given antibiotics for him, and were told 48 hours hours and he would be fine or be dead. Well, he's dead. The cockatiel too. It was some kind of gastric infection and must have been fairly virulent since the cockatiel never showed any signs of illness, just seemed sleepy. We didn't even have them 2 weeks. Fortunately, my brother-in-law is not too concerned. My sister never asked about them, and I didn't tell her either. She'll be having a tough time in the next few weeks, being home without her babies, so we're leaving it as long as we can.

Worse still news; my grandmother -Mama - passed away last night. She has been ill for a while with heart troubles and has been in the hospital the last few weeks. Her hip had dislocated three times since Friday, and she was dreading travelling to Sydney for her bowel cancer operation next week. She also would not have been able to return home to live with my Papa, but was facing moving into care. So, yes, it was a merciful release, but it's hard to be left behind.
Rest in Peace, Mama.

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