18 Aug 2006

Oh yes, oh yes it's springtime!

That's a quote from Little Einsteins, set to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. We were walking home from the park yesterday, when we stopped to examine a leafless tree. This has been happening daily for some time now, and we talk about how the tree will get leaves when it's springtime. Well, the first leaf has appeared, and Lucas started singing "Oh yes, oh yes it's spring time". I was impressed, anyway.

Apart from that, it truly does feel like spring. We spent the morning at a garden centre near here and had a lovely time. It's so nice - lots of healthy plants, heaps of fountains (love to look at, but don't want one at home), a cafe and a children's store with books, toys and clothes all with a gardening theme. It also happened to be the weekly organic food and farmer's markets today, located just outside. We stocked up on Pink Lady apples, and a pie made from the same. Delicious! The kids and I have had an apple each, and have eaten half the (family size) pie. Checking out the website, I now realise the centre also has display gardens, which we didn't notice. A treat for next time!

I'm also inspired to sew some summery clothes. Certainly hats, it was quite hot outside this morning, and Annabelle has had some freckles appear on her nose. Unfortunately, my sewing machine is out of action.

I also want to plant vegetables. Reading the Digger's Club site, they say you can grow enough vegies for a family of 4 in three garden beds, with around 6 hours effort a week. My kids are loving spending time outside right now - usually I knit, or put the washing on/off the line, but gardening would be a nice thing to be doing instead. However, we're renting, and planning to move in a couple of months. Also, the garden beds here all have that weedmat stuff under a layer of mulch, so I can't really rip that up for vegies.

It's been a real stay home week. I haven't wanted to leave at all and the kids have been happy here. Maybe we are all in need of a break. I'm still not back to my usual self.

Well, I've tried 3 times to upload photos, and nothing! This is officially a photo-free post.

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