13 Aug 2006

Happy to be home

It's nice to be home again. In my home, with my husband and children, surrounded by my things, my junk and my peace.

I've never been to a family funeral before, and it wasn't easy. I took the children down to my parents place on Wednesday, where we celebrated my father's birthday with a roast dinner (his favourite). On the way down we stopped and bought 2 helium balloons for the children to give him - a big hit for both grandfather and grandchildren. The dinner turned out bigger than I expected, with 14 sitting down. Lots of vegies meant the $9.00 roast was perfectly sized. The atmosphere was festive.

Next morning, Mum went up to my grandparents place and picked flowers to go on Mama's coffin. She and I arranged them into some sort of order, and delivered them to the funeral home. We stopped off on the way home and bought Mum an outfit to wear.

I found the services very difficult, and was glad I had my children with us. Nothing like a quick cuddle when you're feeling bad. Both kids were very well behaved and pretty quiet.

We spent the afternoon at my grandparents house talking with all the relations who'd made the trip - all five of Mama's children, 6 of her 13 grandchildren, and 2 of her 5 great grandchildren were present. Of those absent, 4 were overseas, 3 in hospital, 1 had an unavoidable exam, and 2 were judged the wrong age to be attending a funeral. My mother's family;

Quite a lot of work has already been done removing Mama's possessions. This has encouraged various people to vow to tidy up their own possessions immediately. I understand this thought, but I'm more encouraged by our impending council cleanup.

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