25 Aug 2006

Friday night live

Well, we're alive, if not exciting.

I've spent a little time this evening reading my new book, Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers - the History and Future of Climate Change. It's a little dense to be reading when I'm tired, so I've paused until tomorrow.

I've had a recurring headache this week, and am still not my usual self. Tried many remedies - paracetamol, ibuprofen, chilli, caffeine, chocolate, exercise, hot baths.... Everything has only had a temporary effect. This weekend, I'm going to try sleep.

We went to the zoo on Wednesday, and had a nice time. The Asian Fishing Cat was jumping around (as pictured below) and the lions were awake. Taronga is preparing for the arrival of it's elephants soon, and we can't wait. The new enclosure looks fabulous (and the elephant house looks curiously agricultural...)

I have started on some knitted Christmas presents. So far, I have knitted one pair of booties. Not sewn them up yet, but there's time. My planned list is; two pairs of booties, 2 jumpers (size 9 months), one cardigan (size 2), one scarf, one shawl and maybe one beanie. And if I get time each of the jumpers will get a matching teddy bear with jumper. That may be a big if.


Bonnie B said...

You are so ambitious and lucky to have such talent. I have done some needlepoint- nothing spectacular, but I like it. When my kids are bigger, I think I'll take it up again.

Anonymous said...

Hey you! Just wanted to say hi! Loved the photos of the kids at the zoo! Goodluck with your Chrissy presents!! I bet they will look gorgeous!!! (make sure you show us pics of them!)