30 Aug 2006

Crafty Fun...

We had some fun today. After reading a friend's tactics for entertaining her children - just let them have free access to craft supplies - I set aside my control, and got out the glitter.

Lucas was inspired by some cardboard corner protectors that had come off some photo frames I bought today. He drew, and glued and glittered and stuck feathers on top. Annabelle assisted, and we now have 8 very small hats;

We also made a trip to the garden centre and bought my Dad a Wollemi pine for Fathers Day. These are very special plants, from the age of the dinosaurs, only discovered in the last 12 years ago, and there are less than 100 adult trees living in the wild. A picture from the website;

Other news - we're looking forward to National Simultaneous Storytime on Friday. We'll be down the coast visiting my folks by then (if I drive fast enough) so will be going to the local library where an event has been planned. It's a nice book - Good Night, Me by Andrew Daddo and we should have fun.

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