20 Aug 2006

Bed, Mummy!

Yesterday was a very special day. Annabelle moved out of her cot, into the 'big girl's bed'.

She was very excited all through the process of setting up the bed, wanting to get on the bed at every step. We bought a bed rail thing to stop her falling off the edge ( mummy-guilt for not getting one for Lucas too :( ), which was a challenge to set up.

Lucas was excited too. He was convinced he was going to sleep in Annabelle's room (and probably in her bed with her.) When we explained that Annabelle's bed was just for her, he wanted to sleep in the cot. Next time we go to visit my parents we'll try them in the one room together.

Annabelle wanted to go tobed at 5 (no, you haven't had dinner yet), at 6 (no, you haven't had your bath yet) at 6.30 (no, you haven't had your story yet) and at 7. At 7 she RAN down the hallway and jumped in. Refused her dolly, aquarium thing, and teletubbies. Requested multiple kisses and cuddles (much easier in the bed than the cot). I pulled the door, and didn't hear a peep till this morning. Bliss.

Of course, the down side is that my baby is a big girl now! Who knows how I'll feel when she's out of nappies...

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weirdbunny said...

Congratulations on being a big girl. Love the duvet cover and pink bed.