30 Aug 2006

Crafty Fun...

We had some fun today. After reading a friend's tactics for entertaining her children - just let them have free access to craft supplies - I set aside my control, and got out the glitter.

Lucas was inspired by some cardboard corner protectors that had come off some photo frames I bought today. He drew, and glued and glittered and stuck feathers on top. Annabelle assisted, and we now have 8 very small hats;

We also made a trip to the garden centre and bought my Dad a Wollemi pine for Fathers Day. These are very special plants, from the age of the dinosaurs, only discovered in the last 12 years ago, and there are less than 100 adult trees living in the wild. A picture from the website;

Other news - we're looking forward to National Simultaneous Storytime on Friday. We'll be down the coast visiting my folks by then (if I drive fast enough) so will be going to the local library where an event has been planned. It's a nice book - Good Night, Me by Andrew Daddo and we should have fun.

28 Aug 2006

what a start to the week...

Got up, after spending a night dreaming of Africa...lovely.

Kids fed, dressed, washing done, inlcuding towels. Hung washing out, while Annabelle played in the sunshine.

10 minutes later;
Hmmm, I can't see the rain in the picture, but it sure is bucketing down!

26 Aug 2006


Wow, I feel good after being mentioned in another blog. No not for anything exciting, just following Brenda's simple instructions on how to personalise your blog banner. Thanks, Brenda :)

Unfortunately, anyone clicking through from her blog won't find much quilting around here. This is a longterm wholecloth quilt I have been working on for quite a while (in fact the quilt is stained from a rusty needle.)

It's only a cot size quilt, and I'm glad I didn't designate it to belong to either of my children(since they're both out of cots now.)

I started quilting soon after my wedding. I thought I could make a lovely quilt out of the dupion silks left over from my wedding dress, and that of my bridesmaids. Probably still could, but haven't.

As a result of this decade of quilting I have a large stash of fabric. One of my latest plans is to make plain shopping bags out of the 'what was I thinking' material. It's a good idea, and I can't wait to sew. Unfortunately, I'm without a sewing machine at present, so nothing will happen for a while.

25 Aug 2006

Friday night live

Well, we're alive, if not exciting.

I've spent a little time this evening reading my new book, Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers - the History and Future of Climate Change. It's a little dense to be reading when I'm tired, so I've paused until tomorrow.

I've had a recurring headache this week, and am still not my usual self. Tried many remedies - paracetamol, ibuprofen, chilli, caffeine, chocolate, exercise, hot baths.... Everything has only had a temporary effect. This weekend, I'm going to try sleep.

We went to the zoo on Wednesday, and had a nice time. The Asian Fishing Cat was jumping around (as pictured below) and the lions were awake. Taronga is preparing for the arrival of it's elephants soon, and we can't wait. The new enclosure looks fabulous (and the elephant house looks curiously agricultural...)

I have started on some knitted Christmas presents. So far, I have knitted one pair of booties. Not sewn them up yet, but there's time. My planned list is; two pairs of booties, 2 jumpers (size 9 months), one cardigan (size 2), one scarf, one shawl and maybe one beanie. And if I get time each of the jumpers will get a matching teddy bear with jumper. That may be a big if.

20 Aug 2006

Bed, Mummy!

Yesterday was a very special day. Annabelle moved out of her cot, into the 'big girl's bed'.

She was very excited all through the process of setting up the bed, wanting to get on the bed at every step. We bought a bed rail thing to stop her falling off the edge ( mummy-guilt for not getting one for Lucas too :( ), which was a challenge to set up.

Lucas was excited too. He was convinced he was going to sleep in Annabelle's room (and probably in her bed with her.) When we explained that Annabelle's bed was just for her, he wanted to sleep in the cot. Next time we go to visit my parents we'll try them in the one room together.

Annabelle wanted to go tobed at 5 (no, you haven't had dinner yet), at 6 (no, you haven't had your bath yet) at 6.30 (no, you haven't had your story yet) and at 7. At 7 she RAN down the hallway and jumped in. Refused her dolly, aquarium thing, and teletubbies. Requested multiple kisses and cuddles (much easier in the bed than the cot). I pulled the door, and didn't hear a peep till this morning. Bliss.

Of course, the down side is that my baby is a big girl now! Who knows how I'll feel when she's out of nappies...

18 Aug 2006

Oh yes, oh yes it's springtime!

That's a quote from Little Einsteins, set to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. We were walking home from the park yesterday, when we stopped to examine a leafless tree. This has been happening daily for some time now, and we talk about how the tree will get leaves when it's springtime. Well, the first leaf has appeared, and Lucas started singing "Oh yes, oh yes it's spring time". I was impressed, anyway.

Apart from that, it truly does feel like spring. We spent the morning at a garden centre near here and had a lovely time. It's so nice - lots of healthy plants, heaps of fountains (love to look at, but don't want one at home), a cafe and a children's store with books, toys and clothes all with a gardening theme. It also happened to be the weekly organic food and farmer's markets today, located just outside. We stocked up on Pink Lady apples, and a pie made from the same. Delicious! The kids and I have had an apple each, and have eaten half the (family size) pie. Checking out the website, I now realise the centre also has display gardens, which we didn't notice. A treat for next time!

I'm also inspired to sew some summery clothes. Certainly hats, it was quite hot outside this morning, and Annabelle has had some freckles appear on her nose. Unfortunately, my sewing machine is out of action.

I also want to plant vegetables. Reading the Digger's Club site, they say you can grow enough vegies for a family of 4 in three garden beds, with around 6 hours effort a week. My kids are loving spending time outside right now - usually I knit, or put the washing on/off the line, but gardening would be a nice thing to be doing instead. However, we're renting, and planning to move in a couple of months. Also, the garden beds here all have that weedmat stuff under a layer of mulch, so I can't really rip that up for vegies.

It's been a real stay home week. I haven't wanted to leave at all and the kids have been happy here. Maybe we are all in need of a break. I'm still not back to my usual self.

Well, I've tried 3 times to upload photos, and nothing! This is officially a photo-free post.

13 Aug 2006

Template fun

I've been having some fun fiddling around with my blog template. I've been inspired before, but always just made a mess.

Tonight, I followed Brenda's instructions, and I'm happy with the results.

Happy to be home

It's nice to be home again. In my home, with my husband and children, surrounded by my things, my junk and my peace.

I've never been to a family funeral before, and it wasn't easy. I took the children down to my parents place on Wednesday, where we celebrated my father's birthday with a roast dinner (his favourite). On the way down we stopped and bought 2 helium balloons for the children to give him - a big hit for both grandfather and grandchildren. The dinner turned out bigger than I expected, with 14 sitting down. Lots of vegies meant the $9.00 roast was perfectly sized. The atmosphere was festive.

Next morning, Mum went up to my grandparents place and picked flowers to go on Mama's coffin. She and I arranged them into some sort of order, and delivered them to the funeral home. We stopped off on the way home and bought Mum an outfit to wear.

I found the services very difficult, and was glad I had my children with us. Nothing like a quick cuddle when you're feeling bad. Both kids were very well behaved and pretty quiet.

We spent the afternoon at my grandparents house talking with all the relations who'd made the trip - all five of Mama's children, 6 of her 13 grandchildren, and 2 of her 5 great grandchildren were present. Of those absent, 4 were overseas, 3 in hospital, 1 had an unavoidable exam, and 2 were judged the wrong age to be attending a funeral. My mother's family;

Quite a lot of work has already been done removing Mama's possessions. This has encouraged various people to vow to tidy up their own possessions immediately. I understand this thought, but I'm more encouraged by our impending council cleanup.

7 Aug 2006

The twins have arrived!

Wonderful news, the twins have been born safely. Two adorable little boys - Jasper and Darwin!

They'll be staying in hospital for a while longer, but are doing well. They're both regulating their temperatures well, and are attempting to breast feed (although they are being given feeds through a nasal tube as well.)

I took the kids down to visit, and we had a nice time.

I got the quilts finished;

They're not exciting designs, but nice material, easy to look at, and with big chunky quilting. Perfect for a baby to vomit on.

The bad news; the budgie got sick. We took him to the vet, were given antibiotics for him, and were told 48 hours hours and he would be fine or be dead. Well, he's dead. The cockatiel too. It was some kind of gastric infection and must have been fairly virulent since the cockatiel never showed any signs of illness, just seemed sleepy. We didn't even have them 2 weeks. Fortunately, my brother-in-law is not too concerned. My sister never asked about them, and I didn't tell her either. She'll be having a tough time in the next few weeks, being home without her babies, so we're leaving it as long as we can.

Worse still news; my grandmother -Mama - passed away last night. She has been ill for a while with heart troubles and has been in the hospital the last few weeks. Her hip had dislocated three times since Friday, and she was dreading travelling to Sydney for her bowel cancer operation next week. She also would not have been able to return home to live with my Papa, but was facing moving into care. So, yes, it was a merciful release, but it's hard to be left behind.
Rest in Peace, Mama.