19 Jul 2006

A surprising amount of sleep, and some more knitting

First, the sleep. Well, we went pretty well. No hours of unhappiness in the middle of the night. However, Lucas did wake up to a wet bed around 1am. I quickly stripped the bed, put the sheets straight in the washing machine, gave Lucas a drink of milk, and then put him in my bed. We slept well till around 6. Pretty good, really.

This morning I've managed to finish another beanie. It is made out of the first ball of wool that I dyed and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out;

We're off to do some mystery shopping now, with hopefully a little crafting time before the end of the day.


Bonnie B said...

What a beautiful beanie! You are so talented. If I had done it, the beanie would have had the unintentional scalloped edge

Leah said...

Thanks, but this pattern wouldn't - the edge rolls under and all imperfections are hidden ;)