6 Jul 2006

nothing much

That's what my days feel like right now - nothing much. I'm just doing what has to be done, and not getting much joy out of it.

I'm losing the habit of using my slowcooker - no meal I produce is ever met with pleasure, so I'm feeling less and less inclined to be bothered.

We make an effort to leave the house every day - the kids need stimulation and exercise, but I'd be happy to just stay here, read, knit and drink coffee.

I've got projects that I could be working on, but it's too much effort to get the sewing machine, or the cutting board out.

The lounge room is a mess - toys everywhere. I clean up often, but it's still cluttered and junky, and unrestful.

I think our next house needs two living areas, and ideally space for a crafting area. Actually, I'd prefer a large laundry, with room for craft in there.

There are still moments of joy - last night DS fell out of bed while sleeping. I raced down to his room, picked him up, and he laughed. I tucked him back into bed, and he kept laughing for five minutes or so when he fell asleep. Strange and unusual.

My lace knitting project is stalled as I've somehow lost a stitch. I need peace and an alert mind to figure it out. Maybe on Saturday...

My latest project is to dye wool. We visited Big W this morning, accidentally on the first day of the annual toy sale. Big mistake. And they didn't have any white wool either.


Bonnie B said...

My oldest daughter falls out of bed and laughs too-- it's bizarre.

You sound sad or are you just bored? I think it is in the air. I've felt blah for a while.

I bet your projects are just beautiful. Your kids are lucky.
With what little sewing I've done, I know how unnerving it can be to be off by a stitch-- this is why I have contributed a bunch of crooked scarves to the world. My needlepoint is better though.

Leah said...

Bored leads to sad, and sad leads to bored. So I'm not sure which started it.

But I'm out of it now, and feeling good again :)