2 Jul 2006

Happy birthday Miss 2!

DD celebrated her second birthday yesterday, on July 1. We spent the weekend at my parents place. During the day, DD had breakfast with DH's parents, then went to visit her great grandparents, then played with her auntie and uncle, then partied with all grandparents, parents, auntie and uncle and brother. Presents were opened throughout the day;

DD managed to blow both candles out on her second puff, unaided which was impressive. Sh talked about her birthday cake often, and I think liked it more than the photo shows.

I think she had a great time.

Today we were up in my parent's garage pulling out a children's rocking chair for my sister to take home with her.

The garage isn't used for cars, just storage of odds and ends, and is not visited frequently. We disturbed 2 possums living in the roof, and the kids were fascinated. Actually we all were. I love wildlife in suburbia. Didn't manage to take a photo, but here's someone else's;

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the stripey tiger said...

Happy Birthday Miss Two!- My second is two in about six weeks - time flies!! I hate that the library changes their activities in school term time too!! Thanks for commenting on my life lines. My wise neighbour Ailsa (pick up sticks) taught me that trick! Happy Knitting. :-) Stripey