30 Jul 2006

Crafty Sunday

Dh took the kids to the Zoo again this morning - they all had a great time.

Meanwhile, I did the washing, nipped for breakfast, and got quilting. Yay - it's tricky sewing with the kids around. The house is small, so I don't like (machine) sewing in the evenings when I know DH is trying to watch TV. Anyway, I now have both quilts for the impending twins pieced, and sandwiched. I have quilted half of one already, and am really excited about the progress I'm making. A picture;

And the other quilt;

similar but different - this one has a checkerboard pattern.

I've also started knitting another pair of socks, this time using the Jaywalker pattern at MagKnits and using some self-striping Opal wool.

The pattern doesn't show in the photo (which is a pretty bad one) but it's looking full of potential at the moment.

And finally, my darling Annabelle with the adored birds;

I'm working on a decent photo of the birds - but they're tricky, and keep flying away :)

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