27 Jul 2006

busy, busy bees

We've been feeling busy here.

I had my solo weekend as planned, and found it pretty exhausting. I'm not sure why - too much driving perhaps, but I was very tired during and after it. My sister is looking absolutely fabulous, and incredibly enormous. She's nearly 33 weeks along with the twins now, and they are growing really well.

DH had a good weekend with his children and parents. They seemed to eat out for every meal (something that never happens when I'm here and they visit... maybe I'm too organised.)

I brought my sister's birds back with me to our house - a young budgerigar and cockatiel. They are going to stay for a while, while she and DH adjust to family life. Lucas and Annabelle are delighted to have birds in the house, and get very excited when either bird flies over their heads. I'm not that keen on free flying birds, however, I can put up with it for a few months I suppose. Lucas has been caught with his arms in one cage, and Annabelle with her head(!) in the other.

I also brought back my new digital camera with me. I know how to take photos, but haven't yet tried to download the images - photos next post perhaps.

Reading too many blogs has made me yearn for warmer weather - the northern half of the globe seems to be having a hemisphere-wide heatwave. There's swimming and camping and all kinds of things happening. However, we have jonquils and azaleas flowering in the garden, so I guess spring isn't that far away.

Reading too many blogs also has a detrimental effect on my craftworks. I started back at knitting on Monday, and met some nice people. One annoying person, but that's standard. I have done a few more repeats on the lace scarf, and will be starting cables next week. My teacher Brenda told me about a cool way of dyeing wool using jelly crystals, so my wool for next week's lesson is now a lovely shade of lime jelly.

While in Canberra I finished knitting my beanie out the microwave-dyed wool, and have discovered a lovely serendiptous stripe through it. I smile every time I see it.

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Bonnie B said...

I can't express how much joy I get out of reading your blog.

A bird in you house flying free? Now that takes bravery