18 Jul 2006

back at last

I've had internet issues. Thankfully, we're all fixed now.

Here is what I've been knitting during my break;

And dyeing;

We've been to the Zoo (again), and climbed over the Komodo dragon (again)

And been driven indoors by rain

I'm feeling much more cheerful about my life now, which is particularly good since DH has just left for a few days away with work.

Lucas is suffering with an ear infection at present, and both kids have colds. But I'm healthy, and looking forward to a weekend away by myself. The inlaws are coming to stay which is wonderful because I can go without the kids, but not so good since I have to crisis clean till Friday.

It's my little sister's baby shower on the weekend, and I'm making something for the babies. Actually I'm in the middle of a couple of projects, so it's a race to the finish. I have completed one baby shoe (3 to go) and pieced the top of one baby quilt (another to be pieced, both to be quilted.) Probably the shoes will win the race to the shower, then the babies better wait another week or two to arrive so I can finish the quilts.

Currently I'm having more fun knitting a beanie for DH out of one of the balls of wool that I dyed. I thought it looked shocking in a skein, all right in a ball, but fabulous when knitted. What fun.

Dyeing method; Roll 100% white/cream wool into a skein. Soak in a mix of 3:1 water: vinegar for an hour or two. Squeeze out and lay on a piece of glad wrap. Decorate with food colouring and squish around a bit as desired. Wrap in the glad wrap, and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Rinse in water to get rid of the vinegar smell. Dry, and roll into balls. Knit, or just enjoy pretty balls.

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