30 Jul 2006

Crafty Sunday

Dh took the kids to the Zoo again this morning - they all had a great time.

Meanwhile, I did the washing, nipped for breakfast, and got quilting. Yay - it's tricky sewing with the kids around. The house is small, so I don't like (machine) sewing in the evenings when I know DH is trying to watch TV. Anyway, I now have both quilts for the impending twins pieced, and sandwiched. I have quilted half of one already, and am really excited about the progress I'm making. A picture;

And the other quilt;

similar but different - this one has a checkerboard pattern.

I've also started knitting another pair of socks, this time using the Jaywalker pattern at MagKnits and using some self-striping Opal wool.

The pattern doesn't show in the photo (which is a pretty bad one) but it's looking full of potential at the moment.

And finally, my darling Annabelle with the adored birds;

I'm working on a decent photo of the birds - but they're tricky, and keep flying away :)

27 Jul 2006

busy, busy bees

We've been feeling busy here.

I had my solo weekend as planned, and found it pretty exhausting. I'm not sure why - too much driving perhaps, but I was very tired during and after it. My sister is looking absolutely fabulous, and incredibly enormous. She's nearly 33 weeks along with the twins now, and they are growing really well.

DH had a good weekend with his children and parents. They seemed to eat out for every meal (something that never happens when I'm here and they visit... maybe I'm too organised.)

I brought my sister's birds back with me to our house - a young budgerigar and cockatiel. They are going to stay for a while, while she and DH adjust to family life. Lucas and Annabelle are delighted to have birds in the house, and get very excited when either bird flies over their heads. I'm not that keen on free flying birds, however, I can put up with it for a few months I suppose. Lucas has been caught with his arms in one cage, and Annabelle with her head(!) in the other.

I also brought back my new digital camera with me. I know how to take photos, but haven't yet tried to download the images - photos next post perhaps.

Reading too many blogs has made me yearn for warmer weather - the northern half of the globe seems to be having a hemisphere-wide heatwave. There's swimming and camping and all kinds of things happening. However, we have jonquils and azaleas flowering in the garden, so I guess spring isn't that far away.

Reading too many blogs also has a detrimental effect on my craftworks. I started back at knitting on Monday, and met some nice people. One annoying person, but that's standard. I have done a few more repeats on the lace scarf, and will be starting cables next week. My teacher Brenda told me about a cool way of dyeing wool using jelly crystals, so my wool for next week's lesson is now a lovely shade of lime jelly.

While in Canberra I finished knitting my beanie out the microwave-dyed wool, and have discovered a lovely serendiptous stripe through it. I smile every time I see it.

19 Jul 2006

A surprising amount of sleep, and some more knitting

First, the sleep. Well, we went pretty well. No hours of unhappiness in the middle of the night. However, Lucas did wake up to a wet bed around 1am. I quickly stripped the bed, put the sheets straight in the washing machine, gave Lucas a drink of milk, and then put him in my bed. We slept well till around 6. Pretty good, really.

This morning I've managed to finish another beanie. It is made out of the first ball of wool that I dyed and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out;

We're off to do some mystery shopping now, with hopefully a little crafting time before the end of the day.

18 Jul 2006

early to bed....

I was talking to my sister on the phone while getting the kids dinner this evening. During this, Lucas announced he wasn't hungry and was going to bed. Off he went. I hung up a bit later, and went to find him. Yep, in bed, sound asleep. This is very out of character, and now I'm worried that we'll both be having a fairly unsettled night. So I guess I'd better get to bed myself....

back at last

I've had internet issues. Thankfully, we're all fixed now.

Here is what I've been knitting during my break;

And dyeing;

We've been to the Zoo (again), and climbed over the Komodo dragon (again)

And been driven indoors by rain

I'm feeling much more cheerful about my life now, which is particularly good since DH has just left for a few days away with work.

Lucas is suffering with an ear infection at present, and both kids have colds. But I'm healthy, and looking forward to a weekend away by myself. The inlaws are coming to stay which is wonderful because I can go without the kids, but not so good since I have to crisis clean till Friday.

It's my little sister's baby shower on the weekend, and I'm making something for the babies. Actually I'm in the middle of a couple of projects, so it's a race to the finish. I have completed one baby shoe (3 to go) and pieced the top of one baby quilt (another to be pieced, both to be quilted.) Probably the shoes will win the race to the shower, then the babies better wait another week or two to arrive so I can finish the quilts.

Currently I'm having more fun knitting a beanie for DH out of one of the balls of wool that I dyed. I thought it looked shocking in a skein, all right in a ball, but fabulous when knitted. What fun.

Dyeing method; Roll 100% white/cream wool into a skein. Soak in a mix of 3:1 water: vinegar for an hour or two. Squeeze out and lay on a piece of glad wrap. Decorate with food colouring and squish around a bit as desired. Wrap in the glad wrap, and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Rinse in water to get rid of the vinegar smell. Dry, and roll into balls. Knit, or just enjoy pretty balls.

6 Jul 2006

nothing much

That's what my days feel like right now - nothing much. I'm just doing what has to be done, and not getting much joy out of it.

I'm losing the habit of using my slowcooker - no meal I produce is ever met with pleasure, so I'm feeling less and less inclined to be bothered.

We make an effort to leave the house every day - the kids need stimulation and exercise, but I'd be happy to just stay here, read, knit and drink coffee.

I've got projects that I could be working on, but it's too much effort to get the sewing machine, or the cutting board out.

The lounge room is a mess - toys everywhere. I clean up often, but it's still cluttered and junky, and unrestful.

I think our next house needs two living areas, and ideally space for a crafting area. Actually, I'd prefer a large laundry, with room for craft in there.

There are still moments of joy - last night DS fell out of bed while sleeping. I raced down to his room, picked him up, and he laughed. I tucked him back into bed, and he kept laughing for five minutes or so when he fell asleep. Strange and unusual.

My lace knitting project is stalled as I've somehow lost a stitch. I need peace and an alert mind to figure it out. Maybe on Saturday...

My latest project is to dye wool. We visited Big W this morning, accidentally on the first day of the annual toy sale. Big mistake. And they didn't have any white wool either.

2 Jul 2006

Happy birthday Miss 2!

DD celebrated her second birthday yesterday, on July 1. We spent the weekend at my parents place. During the day, DD had breakfast with DH's parents, then went to visit her great grandparents, then played with her auntie and uncle, then partied with all grandparents, parents, auntie and uncle and brother. Presents were opened throughout the day;

DD managed to blow both candles out on her second puff, unaided which was impressive. Sh talked about her birthday cake often, and I think liked it more than the photo shows.

I think she had a great time.

Today we were up in my parent's garage pulling out a children's rocking chair for my sister to take home with her.

The garage isn't used for cars, just storage of odds and ends, and is not visited frequently. We disturbed 2 possums living in the roof, and the kids were fascinated. Actually we all were. I love wildlife in suburbia. Didn't manage to take a photo, but here's someone else's;