21 Jun 2006

to hang or not to hang?

That is the question of the morning. Regarding washing, of course. I'd really like a washing forecast e.g "Your washing will dr by 3pm IF you hang it out before 9am on a line which received full sun for at least 3 hours".

It's cloudy today, with 'possible showers'. As an Australian, I really need a reason to use my tumble dryer - we're brought up using the Hills hoist out the back, and it's really immoral (and a waste of energy) to not use our wonderful sunshine.

And quite often, cloudy days still dry the clothes just fine. Oh, the dilemma.

I think today I'll pop the hemp nappies in the dryer (hemp is wonderfully absorbent and hence takes quite a while to dry) and the clothes out on the line.

Whew! That's today's big issue sorted.

Sometimes it's a little limiting to have such small preoccupations. So later today we'll be sewing dollies and might even make a batch of muffins before our trip to the playground. The underlying theme will be horseracing, thanks to a Dick Francis book that is today's read (I can read while cooking, washing dishes and at other odd moments.)


Bonnie B said...

Don't you just love the sunshine. Free energy-- it is the best for making soft sheets.

Leah said...

Absolutely! As it turned, the washing forecast would have read "Do not hang your washing out today - it will not dry!"

Bonnie B said...

What a bummer!