9 Jun 2006


Actually, it's more TGIPKB (thank goodness it's past kids bedtime.) It's been a long day. We stayed up late last night 11.30 (gasp) watching the 2 hour finale of the Amazing Race. Very satisfying ending, so that was good. However, DS woke at around 12 wanting to come into our bed. I let him for a while. DH tried to move him 3 times, each time waking us all up. At 12.45 I took DS out to the lounge for our standard glass of milk and biscuit and then back to bed. DH was coughing badly by this time, and decided to look for his ventolin puffer. Couldn't find it, but tried cough medicine instead (it worked) so we all were asleep by 1.30am.

I had a mystery shopping job to do a posh makeup company at a major shopping centre. So off we went. During the shopping trip we managed to drop and break a smoothie cup, and ended up with a dual screaming tantrum. Oh my. DD did not want to be in the pram. She was out of sorts due to falling off a seat at McDonalds, and then refusing to play. DS didn't want to play either, so we left. That's when the screaming started. Oh my. DS is really too big to carry in a tantrum while pushing the pram. I'm thinking of never shopping with them again. Probably will though.

On the knitting front, my first stripey sock is nearly finished. I just have to graft the toe. I tried once, made a mess of it, and decided to leave it till my next class. I'm about an inch into the second sock. My next class is still more than a week away, because we have a long weekend.

It rained again today, so there was no oasis of calm at the park (that's why we went to McDonalds in the first place for their indoor playcentre.) We did have a nice time watching a cooking show - Nigella Lawson. We all laid on the couch for nearly 20 minutes and were calm.


Bonnie B said...

I'm not a fan of shopping with my children either. Those darned tantrums always seem to hit during the best sales.
Wow you are a mystery shopper. What fun!

Gemma Wilson said...

I guess the advantage is your little one made the shopping look quite real - the shop owner would have never suspected that you are a mystery shopper