25 Jun 2006

Sunday, sunday

DS slept through- yay!!! DD woke at 12. I resettled her, didn't work. Repeat. Repeat. Bring her to bed with us. 2am DH says I may as well watch the soccer since I'm awake, and off they went. Apparently DD got about two hours on the couch, and DH about half an hour. He's spent most of the day asleep, which means my time out didn't happen. Oh well.

On the upside, since DH didn't take the kids to the zoo as planned today, I think I will during the week. It's one of my favourite places in Sydney.

We also got the grocery shopping done today, which sets us up for the week. The planned menu;
Chicken sausage and bean casserole with bake-at-home rolls
Chilli con carne with tortillas, sour cream and avocado
Curry with rice dumplings, rice and naan
Braised turkey casserole
Baked chorizo and polenta melts

Everything except the chilli is a new recipe to us, mostly from the Australian Womens Weekly Casseroles and Freezer cookbooks. Oh, and everything except the chorizo and polenta meal is in the slow cooker :)

I should take a minute to share our joy with the world game at this point. DH is a dedicated soccer fan - he loves to play and watch. We've attended lots of world cup qualifiers, where Australia has not qualified. There was so much joy when Australia qualified!, and then won a game!! and then qualified for the second round!!! I think there's enough happiness around here to cope with whatever comes.


Bonnie B said...

I'm salivating just reading. Yum!
I hope you have a great time at the zoo. I live in a small town and the nearest zoo is two hours away--ouch!

Leah said...

The chicken and sausage thing is smelling GREAT!! Good thing we eat early :) We moved in the last 6 months from our small town :( , and Zoo access is one of the positives for me about being in a city.