18 Jun 2006

Sunday night

Sunday night again. I should be knitting, getting my heel turned for tomorrow night's class, but instead I'm wasting time hanging around on the net.

We've had a good weekend - I spent most of Saturday at the annual Sydney Quilt Show. Amazing work, and astonishing shopping. I'd show pictures, but seem to have mislaid the cable which connects the camera and computer. Anyway, I bought sufficient wool to make a cardigan or jumper for myself, in an 8 ply pure wool cranberry type colour from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I also bought a delightful kit for a quilted Easter wallhanging from Hatched and Patched, and a lovely pattern for a Christmas quilt done in shabby chic style from Mum's Moment. And 2 mixed metres of Kaffe Fassett fabrics - they're wild!

I took the kids down the coast during the week, mainly to see my sick friend. I'm so glad I went - it was nice to hang out together, and my mind is much more settled now. I can go to sleep so much easier, and I'm not near as morbid as I was. My friend is doing all right, and making plans.

While visiting, I went to a sherriff's auction with my mother where they were auctioning off the stock of a failed patchwork shop. I felt a little like a vulture, but still managed to buy 67 metres!!!! of material. It's a mixture of pale pretties and brights, and I figure will not only make bed quilts for the kids, but probably curtains to match as well. However, I'm not even going to think about these until we move house.

Today we went looking at beds for DD. Such a big thing for a little girl. We didn't actually buy one, and I think have decided to use a bed already in the family's possession, and just buy a new mattress. This will be her birthday present, so now I need to figure out some beautiful bed linen - maybe featuring birds?

I still haven't made any progress on the twins' quilts...

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Bonnie B said...

My mother in law makes the most beautiful quilts. Our linen closet is full of her beuatiful creations. I've always wanted to make one. the best I've ever done though is a wall hanging of some wood ducks.
Your little one wil love her new bed. Mine-- I have three girls ages 2,4 and 7-- were excited. I'm considering getting the oldest new matresses because i fear I bought them beds before they were ready-- if you know what I mean. The youngest's is covered in plastic, so hopefully I can avoid the same mistake.