4 Jun 2006

Sunday night

We've had a 'first' today. First trip to the movies for the kids. I won free tickets to Ice Age 2 a while ago, and we used them today. DHs younger sister and her husband came too, and we had a fairly nice time.

We also seem to be making progress with our sleeping habits. DS has pretty much given up his daytime sleep, and since he's gotten used to this, we've had calm evenings again - lovely! He's also no longer wearing nappies at night ( and no floods either :).)

The down side of this marvellous new habit is that I don't get a break in the middle of the day. My pattern had been to eat lunch and play on the net for a while, and then knit (or quilt or whatever) for about an hour. On hard days I'd just read. It's now essential for my happiness to take a walk in the afternoon. We usually go to the park, where the kids play and I knit.

I'm not sleeping all that well at the moment - my friend has had her cancer confirmed as incurable, and is planning for the future. I can't get this out of my mind, so hence can't get to sleep easily. I'm also dreaming fairly wildly.

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