29 Jun 2006

let them eat cake, no I mean watch tv

I'm having the best time discovering new blogs at the moment - averaging one per day right now. Of course, it'd probably be more if I had a little more surfing time (does anyone still say 'surfing the net' or am I hopelessly uncool again?)

We've spent the morning going to the last story time of the term down at the library, and then going to IKEA to buy a cupboard for my pregnant-with-twins sister.

It was REALLY heavy. I'm annoyed with the library again - why do children who do not attend school need to follow term schedules? The library staff have to work anyway, so it wouldn't be that much effort for them.

On the good news front, I've found my camera cable. So some gratuitous pictures.

Firstly, we'll be spending the weekend down the coast again, for DD's birthday. As per usual, DH will take the kids over to his parents place at some unearthly hour for breakfast, as can be seen here;

Another picture from a few weeks ago, when DS was suffering his first black eye;

And the crafty kids with their fabulous birds;

Also on the crafty front, I started knitting a hat for DD last night. It's going really quickly, and I hope to finish it tonight. I knit best when watching tv, and am in a black spot right now, tv-wise. My three shows have been Survivor, the Amazing Race, and NCIS. I quite like CSI too, but they show way too many repeats to get into it. Anyway, Survivor and the AMazing Race have both finished, so I'm down to one hour per week of things I like to watch. This is not enough knitting time.

Oh, and I've given up on the no tv for the kids plan. There is too much stress right now to go for that.

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