29 Jun 2006

let them eat cake, no I mean watch tv

I'm having the best time discovering new blogs at the moment - averaging one per day right now. Of course, it'd probably be more if I had a little more surfing time (does anyone still say 'surfing the net' or am I hopelessly uncool again?)

We've spent the morning going to the last story time of the term down at the library, and then going to IKEA to buy a cupboard for my pregnant-with-twins sister.

It was REALLY heavy. I'm annoyed with the library again - why do children who do not attend school need to follow term schedules? The library staff have to work anyway, so it wouldn't be that much effort for them.

On the good news front, I've found my camera cable. So some gratuitous pictures.

Firstly, we'll be spending the weekend down the coast again, for DD's birthday. As per usual, DH will take the kids over to his parents place at some unearthly hour for breakfast, as can be seen here;

Another picture from a few weeks ago, when DS was suffering his first black eye;

And the crafty kids with their fabulous birds;

Also on the crafty front, I started knitting a hat for DD last night. It's going really quickly, and I hope to finish it tonight. I knit best when watching tv, and am in a black spot right now, tv-wise. My three shows have been Survivor, the Amazing Race, and NCIS. I quite like CSI too, but they show way too many repeats to get into it. Anyway, Survivor and the AMazing Race have both finished, so I'm down to one hour per week of things I like to watch. This is not enough knitting time.

Oh, and I've given up on the no tv for the kids plan. There is too much stress right now to go for that.

25 Jun 2006

Sunday, sunday

DS slept through- yay!!! DD woke at 12. I resettled her, didn't work. Repeat. Repeat. Bring her to bed with us. 2am DH says I may as well watch the soccer since I'm awake, and off they went. Apparently DD got about two hours on the couch, and DH about half an hour. He's spent most of the day asleep, which means my time out didn't happen. Oh well.

On the upside, since DH didn't take the kids to the zoo as planned today, I think I will during the week. It's one of my favourite places in Sydney.

We also got the grocery shopping done today, which sets us up for the week. The planned menu;
Chicken sausage and bean casserole with bake-at-home rolls
Chilli con carne with tortillas, sour cream and avocado
Curry with rice dumplings, rice and naan
Braised turkey casserole
Baked chorizo and polenta melts

Everything except the chilli is a new recipe to us, mostly from the Australian Womens Weekly Casseroles and Freezer cookbooks. Oh, and everything except the chorizo and polenta meal is in the slow cooker :)

I should take a minute to share our joy with the world game at this point. DH is a dedicated soccer fan - he loves to play and watch. We've attended lots of world cup qualifiers, where Australia has not qualified. There was so much joy when Australia qualified!, and then won a game!! and then qualified for the second round!!! I think there's enough happiness around here to cope with whatever comes.

21 Jun 2006

to hang or not to hang?

That is the question of the morning. Regarding washing, of course. I'd really like a washing forecast e.g "Your washing will dr by 3pm IF you hang it out before 9am on a line which received full sun for at least 3 hours".

It's cloudy today, with 'possible showers'. As an Australian, I really need a reason to use my tumble dryer - we're brought up using the Hills hoist out the back, and it's really immoral (and a waste of energy) to not use our wonderful sunshine.

And quite often, cloudy days still dry the clothes just fine. Oh, the dilemma.

I think today I'll pop the hemp nappies in the dryer (hemp is wonderfully absorbent and hence takes quite a while to dry) and the clothes out on the line.

Whew! That's today's big issue sorted.

Sometimes it's a little limiting to have such small preoccupations. So later today we'll be sewing dollies and might even make a batch of muffins before our trip to the playground. The underlying theme will be horseracing, thanks to a Dick Francis book that is today's read (I can read while cooking, washing dishes and at other odd moments.)

18 Jun 2006

Sunday night

Sunday night again. I should be knitting, getting my heel turned for tomorrow night's class, but instead I'm wasting time hanging around on the net.

We've had a good weekend - I spent most of Saturday at the annual Sydney Quilt Show. Amazing work, and astonishing shopping. I'd show pictures, but seem to have mislaid the cable which connects the camera and computer. Anyway, I bought sufficient wool to make a cardigan or jumper for myself, in an 8 ply pure wool cranberry type colour from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I also bought a delightful kit for a quilted Easter wallhanging from Hatched and Patched, and a lovely pattern for a Christmas quilt done in shabby chic style from Mum's Moment. And 2 mixed metres of Kaffe Fassett fabrics - they're wild!

I took the kids down the coast during the week, mainly to see my sick friend. I'm so glad I went - it was nice to hang out together, and my mind is much more settled now. I can go to sleep so much easier, and I'm not near as morbid as I was. My friend is doing all right, and making plans.

While visiting, I went to a sherriff's auction with my mother where they were auctioning off the stock of a failed patchwork shop. I felt a little like a vulture, but still managed to buy 67 metres!!!! of material. It's a mixture of pale pretties and brights, and I figure will not only make bed quilts for the kids, but probably curtains to match as well. However, I'm not even going to think about these until we move house.

Today we went looking at beds for DD. Such a big thing for a little girl. We didn't actually buy one, and I think have decided to use a bed already in the family's possession, and just buy a new mattress. This will be her birthday present, so now I need to figure out some beautiful bed linen - maybe featuring birds?

I still haven't made any progress on the twins' quilts...

9 Jun 2006


Actually, it's more TGIPKB (thank goodness it's past kids bedtime.) It's been a long day. We stayed up late last night 11.30 (gasp) watching the 2 hour finale of the Amazing Race. Very satisfying ending, so that was good. However, DS woke at around 12 wanting to come into our bed. I let him for a while. DH tried to move him 3 times, each time waking us all up. At 12.45 I took DS out to the lounge for our standard glass of milk and biscuit and then back to bed. DH was coughing badly by this time, and decided to look for his ventolin puffer. Couldn't find it, but tried cough medicine instead (it worked) so we all were asleep by 1.30am.

I had a mystery shopping job to do a posh makeup company at a major shopping centre. So off we went. During the shopping trip we managed to drop and break a smoothie cup, and ended up with a dual screaming tantrum. Oh my. DD did not want to be in the pram. She was out of sorts due to falling off a seat at McDonalds, and then refusing to play. DS didn't want to play either, so we left. That's when the screaming started. Oh my. DS is really too big to carry in a tantrum while pushing the pram. I'm thinking of never shopping with them again. Probably will though.

On the knitting front, my first stripey sock is nearly finished. I just have to graft the toe. I tried once, made a mess of it, and decided to leave it till my next class. I'm about an inch into the second sock. My next class is still more than a week away, because we have a long weekend.

It rained again today, so there was no oasis of calm at the park (that's why we went to McDonalds in the first place for their indoor playcentre.) We did have a nice time watching a cooking show - Nigella Lawson. We all laid on the couch for nearly 20 minutes and were calm.

5 Jun 2006

Cool stuff to play with

This is fun...

create your own visited countries map

It's a rainy day here in Sydney. We've found distractions by cooking (a delicious-looking apple slice thing - more details later if it tastes good), shopping (for butter and apples, and for a quick play on the shopping centre equipment), television, eating and some car games. It's only 4 o'clock, so we're going to need something else - wonder if the kids are old enough to peel potatoes? :)

4 Jun 2006

Sunday night

We've had a 'first' today. First trip to the movies for the kids. I won free tickets to Ice Age 2 a while ago, and we used them today. DHs younger sister and her husband came too, and we had a fairly nice time.

We also seem to be making progress with our sleeping habits. DS has pretty much given up his daytime sleep, and since he's gotten used to this, we've had calm evenings again - lovely! He's also no longer wearing nappies at night ( and no floods either :).)

The down side of this marvellous new habit is that I don't get a break in the middle of the day. My pattern had been to eat lunch and play on the net for a while, and then knit (or quilt or whatever) for about an hour. On hard days I'd just read. It's now essential for my happiness to take a walk in the afternoon. We usually go to the park, where the kids play and I knit.

I'm not sleeping all that well at the moment - my friend has had her cancer confirmed as incurable, and is planning for the future. I can't get this out of my mind, so hence can't get to sleep easily. I'm also dreaming fairly wildly.