24 May 2006

life in the big city

Sunday, we went into the city for a fun day out, and to stay the night in a hotel. It actually went pretty well considering we missed nap time. We visited the Powerhouse Museum, and saw a 50 years of television exhibition there. We saw some very cool things including Humpty, Hamble and Jemima (the originals); the windows (they're actually on about 30 cm tall - shock!) (both from Playschool); Mr Squiggle; stump-cam; Blue Heelers Maggie's uniform complete with bullet marks and bloodstains; Ozzie Ostrich and Charlene's wedding dress (Neighbours.)

Shortly after this DS got his foot twisted going down an escalator and immediately could not walk on his foot. He crawled throughout the evening, but didn't seem in any actual pain. I took him to the doctor the next morning, was told it was probably just bruised, which it has turned out to be. He's walking again now as per normal.

I think that's all the highlights, except both kids went to sleep quickly and easily at their usual time, despite us only having one room.

The past few days have been spent trying to keep DS on the couch (LOTS of videos) to rest his foot, and me trying to clean getting ready for our rental inspection tomorrow. It's proved a good boost to my decluttering program.

Yesterday I got the heater out. IT's been grey, drizzly and fairly cold, so now we can our lounge room a bit warmer anyway. I rearranged the lounge room to fit the heater in, which is always fun. DH doesn't enjoy this, but I had the perfect reason - and it's not like he has to move the furniture!

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