19 May 2006

I didn't mean to take a break....

... it just happened that way. By the time I was ready to post again, I'd used up my broadband allowance for the month, and was back to the dark ages. That's way too annoying, so I waited.

The big news here is that last night DS refused a nappy, and slept dry. How exciting.... and nerve wracking.... and laundry inducing :)

We've had other moments of cuteness - DS being sent to get clean knickers out of his drawer. He returned, and DD told me "NO, these ones" and sent him back. He followed her instructions, and wore her choice of knickers. Hmmm. He's going to have to develop some assertiveness, I think.

The last week has been a shocking sleeping week. The kids have been taking turns sleeping badly, which is exacerbated by waking each other up in the daytime. The drawbacks here are that I don't get to take turns for waking up, and daytime I need my naptime (no, not for sleeping ;) .)

I've barely touched my knitting, which I must change. I'm in the process of working on the heel in my first magic self-striping sock and would like to get it done before my next knitting class.

A while ago I finished my first pair of socks. They are a spiral pattern in a tube shape, with no heel. They are for my DD, but both kids had to try them.

We spent Mothers Day with DH's family, which was nice, and then the evening with my folks. I was talking to my SIL (we each have 2 kids, her DD1 is 3 months older than DS, and DD2 is 2 weeks older than my DD.) On Saturdays she goes to a scrapbooking shop and spends from 9am till 4pm scrapping and talking. Now that's a break - what a DH.

I'm considering ways I can get more 'timeout'.

And finally, some art. DD loves drawing. She spends every odd minute with her 'special drawing book', and she likes to draw circles. Sometimes they're called circles, othertimes pussycats.

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