31 May 2006

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to me! Yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday. "Celebrated" is used fairly loosely here. I realised I have reached a significant milestone - half my allotted span. I didn't dwell on this, but it did make me consider whether I am living my life how I would wish. Being at home with two small children also limits the celebrations - no long lunches of lobster and champagne.

However, we did have a good time. The weather was not great - heavy showers and pretty cold, so we went down to Rhodes shopping centre and spent some time playing in Ikea. I also managed my favourite lunch - Malaysian beef salad.

We returned home for nap time, and both cherubs slept. Not surprising really, since DS was up at 4.30 and DD shortly after 5. DH treated me to a sleepin while he spent quality time with the kids. After nap time, we cooked a birthday cake. I wanted a butterscotch layer cake, but DH doesn't like caramel flavourings, so I would have had to eat the ENTIRE cake myself (toddler serves aren't very large.) SO we opted for Nigella Lawson's brownies, which were delicious, although a little tricky to get cooked enough, but to still be very moist.

DH and I had Thai takeaway for dinner after the kids were in bed, while watching Survivor.

Not exciting, but nice.

I had lots of phone calls wishing me well, which was lovely.

My best friend called (of course!) but also had some bad news. She recently fought off breast cancer (it's nearly 2 years since she was diagnosed) and has not been well now for some time. They've figured out the problem - cancer cells in her stomach and intestines. Surgery is not an option, so aggressive chemotherapy will start on Thursday. This is so hard, she's a lovely, kind, sharing person with a loving DH and 3 year old daughter. And she's only 35. The doctor mentioned a 10% survival estimate.

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