6 Apr 2006

The winds are here

We've just spent an hour or so in the park, having a picnic lunch and playing in the playground. Autumn has definitely arrived - the winds are here. It's an exciting time, apart from the whole static electricity thing.

It's also exciting, as it means our wedding anniversary is fast approaching. I have one wedding photo where my cathedral length veil is straight up in the air, caught by the wind. This will be 11 years since we were married, mostly happily. As I write that, I can't think of a time I've been unhappy with our relationship since our first babe was born. Doesn't seem to be a special year in terms of gifts - I'll be receiving a memory card for the digital camera, and DH will be receiving a pillow (I think he's jealous of my latex luxury Valentine's Day gift.)

I'm having a little trouble with my new knitting project - rated easy but it's throwing up some issues. I think I've solved the mystery of 'slip three purlwise', but am still struggling with seeing a pattern in navy wool at nighttime. Must be my ageing eyes. This project is a jumper for DS - navy with a couple of red stripes, out of a wool/acrylic blend. I had got up to the armholes on a jumper for him out of a variegated orange acrylic, but I quit. After knitting with wool, I couldn't bear to touch the acrylic yarn. I didn't want wool because of his sensitive skin, but that was just shocking. Actually, I want to be making socks, but I have to wait until Easter for my Mum to show me how to graft the toes.

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