19 Apr 2006

Too much chocolate....

Yep, Easter is over. Actually, I didn't get all that much chocolate, for which I am truly grateful. Neither did the kids, which is a miracle :) Both got a nice warm dressing gown from my parents, and DH's parents gave some small cars and a Barbie. Our sisters gave some crayons with pencil cases (crayon case?) and some craft things. Great.

DS suffered a nasty gastro type infection over the weekend, and was fairly miserable with it. DD is showing the first symptoms now - I'm really hoping they won't develop further.

I did have all kinds of plans for the weekend, but I don't think any of them happened - didn't even go to church. On the upside, I did get to feel my sister's pregnant-with-twins belly, and heard the heartbeats. I also took an internet break, not logging on from Thursday till Tuesday.

It's currently school holidays here, which means no story time at the Library. This is our main 'kids activity', so we miss it. This morning we did a quick mystery shopping job, then went off to do the grocery shopping. Home for the nap, and then round to the playground till time to pick up DH off the train.

Nope, not exciting. The kids are pretty grumpy at present, so it wasn't even a particularly nice day.

Of course, the day started with a marathon of washing (we'd been away for Easter), and shortly after hanging it out, someone lit a fire nearby. The nice fresh dry clothes have that wood-smoked aroma. Oh well.

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